Our Story

Over the past three decades, the aviation industry has seen a staggering leap in technological advancements. For example, just think about unmanned aircraft, or the latest surveillance & communication system upgrades. This in turn has led regulators to place a huge demand on ATS providers in order to meet this ever-increasing challenge through continuous development and currency training.

Locally, we have noticed that our old way of teaching is simply not keeping up with the demands placed on us. We needed a way to present training to our staff in a more efficient and effective manner. One of the ways to do this is through e-learning, which meant that we needed an online platform from which to present our training material.

Therefore ATS Online was created as a simple web-portal from which we could launch online courses and assessments. The platform is still new and under constant development, but over time we plan to add more courses and content that will help us keep pace with an ever-increasing demand for more effective training solutions.

Additional courses will be added as they are developed and become available, but initially our focus will be towards UAE Civil Aviation regulatory requirements. Please use this opportunity to contact us with any suggestions or recommendations for your own online training needs.

Meet the team

The team is still small but we hope to incorporate more content from other instructors in future.

Willem Coetzee - Training Facilitator

A controller with both operational and management experience in an Aerodrome and Approach environment from various aerodromes in the United Arab Amirates as well as South Africa. His expertise in the field of ATS/ATM spans over two decades and is specialised in ATS Training.

As our Training Facilitator, Willem is responsible for most of  the course material available on the platform.

Muhammed Faiz Seitz - Web Developer

Muhammed has experience in both air traffic control as well as knowledge in web development, data analysis and other technical expertise.

As our Web-developer, he is our team expert responsible for web design as well as publishing content to the platform.

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