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ATC Phraseology & Common English Language Proficiency

The aim of this training module is to achieve regulatory compliance with UAE CAR Part VIII, Subpart 4, A.2.13 (q)  [CAR-ATS – ISSUE 06]
In addition to the normal ELP Certification process, CAR Subpart 4 also stipulate the ELP Training requirements for ATCO’s, ATCA’s and Pseudo-pilots. 

Completion of this training module is recommended for:
  • All UAE ATCO’s with ELP Level 4 (Operational) who have not yet undergone specific ELP training within the last 3 years.                                                           – Note that this requirement is additional to the normal testing and certification process.
  • All operational ATCA’s and Pseudo-pilots who have not yet completed some form of ELP Training.                                                                                            – Note that this is a once-off requirement (unlike the triennial requirement for ATCO’s)
The training module consists of various short quizzes that were developed to not only test a candidate’s language skills, but also to teach by allowing users to review and change their answers. Some of the answers are very obvious, but the module was designed to become progressively more challenging. For example, some of the audio clips were recorded at a lower audio quality or with some added background noise which requires additional attention and focus from the listener. Quizzes are scored individually and a passing grade of 80% is required for each individual section/quiz in order to obtain a Certificate of Completion at the end of this ELP Training Module.
You will need a PC/laptop workstation with Internet access and either earphones or speakers.

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